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painting, and one by one got to shake on some magic glitter in the class glitteriser (special cardboard box They then stuck on some googly eyes and with bits

of tissue. Everything in one box, no need to go to the craft store, no prep time. I then cut slits on the top of the box to act as sliding tracks, openings from which to hang the fish from buttons and catgut. Please read on for all the beginning to end photos and tips on how to make your very own cardboard aquarium, how to make an aquarium, it all started with a box, a wide slim box from my parents new telly! The decorating continued with some small sticker dots. I drew lines on the box where I wanted the opening and sawed away with the kitchen knife. Tape a piece of plastic food wrap to the front of the tank. Butter knife, rubber cement, plastic food wrap, gravel or sand. Glue or tape a piece of thread to each fish. The first way is to just freehand draw fish in any way you would like on your paper scraps. Glue them with rubber cement to the floor of the fish tank, along with a few silk leaves for plants. Buttonhead Crafts had been following what we were doing at the weekend classes on MollyMoo and very kindly donated the fish kits for the children to have fun with. Allow it to dry and shake off the excess. The floor of the fish tank is what used to be a side of the box. The opening will be the "front" of the aquarium, where the "glass" that you look through will. Do not show this message again. Tape the other end of the thread to the inside top of the fish tank so that they hang down and your fish appear to be floating inside the tank. Two craft posts in one week! I used rounded buttons so that the smallies could grip and move their little fish over and back on the tracks. Collect some different types of paper scraps for this craft, such as old wallpaper scraps, leftover wrapping paper, tissue paper, scrapbooking paper, and construction paper. Cover the top of the fish tank with the box cover.

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Select I Agree, if you like, draw or paint some details on them. Tape, you can get fancy and carve something more intricate such as a treasure chest. Cover the floor of the fish tank with a layer of rubber cement. Scissors, scraps of paper, if you agree to aquarium paper model the above. Create your fish in one of two ways. This craft is easy to do and requires inexpensive materials and scraps. What I used here were strips of different patterned and textured blue fabric roughly cut in different widths and lengths. Because I had it to hand.

Making a cardboard and paper aquarium is a fun project, whether your child is just looking for a way to artistically express himself, or whether it is part of an educational unit on fish or sea life.A really beautiful paper model of an, aquarium, full of Sea Animals, by Japanese website Kirin.Perfect to decorate kids room or for school works!

Paint the outside of the box with tempera paints in paper whatever color you would like. Skewers and rolls of floaty fabric. Be sure to pull it taut so it looks like model glass and you can easily see through. Googly eyes and glitter, silk leaves, glue.


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I hung the fish in the tank during the week so that when the kids come to class tomorrow they can see their gorgeous fishies in their new exciting home., meet The Fish, grainne had some fun before the class expanding the character options.Things Needed, cardboard box, tempera paint, paint brushes.I then cut circles from cardboard, punched a few shallow holes in them so they looked like real portholes (they also served to cover up any or my wobbly cutting edges.”