Magic water paint paper - Angel paper

would also add color and shine to the dress of the angel. Make the angel sparkle by adding dabs of glitter glue to the dress. You can add facial

features with colored pens or markers if desired, or add some sparkle with a light coating of glitter spray or glue. Try using decorative paper or scrapbook paper for a quick finish. You should start with the colored side of the paper face down if your paper is only colored on one side. Use your imagination with this basic shape template. You will need to make a square paper play money template base to create your angel's head. How to Decorate the, paper, angels, the angel's dress can be decorated with subtle colors and decorations - or you can really go to town and create a brightly colored dress. Hobby Blogo (PDF If you'd like to make a paper angel that's small and cute, this is the diagram for you. Design a cute Christmas tree garland or swag for your windows, doorways or tabletop with this color and cut out angels paper garland pattern. Red boots, a tree, always alive It keeps memory Little wooden house, which absorbed history, is now returning its zest. Click here to learn more. This means that a contrasting effect is achieved if you use double-sided paper, as I have done with the angel on the left of the photo above. enchanted Learning Software's, paper Plate Angel, more Kinder Crafts. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages. Customize the angel further by giving a decorative edge to her wings.

Move the back bottom left layer over to the right side so your model looks like the photo below. Fold the paper in half horizontally and unfold. You may use them without charge for personal or hungry caterpillar paper lanterns classroom use only. Open the paper and fold in half along the other diagonal. Add a ribbon or thread at the top of the angel if you intend hp photosmart premium paper pickup roller assembly to hang her from a tree. Copyright m, cut along the lines, matching the stars on the wing tops. And open, use these creases to carefully collapse the paper into a layered triangle shape.

Make an angel from a paper plate.You might also like: Santa Hat or Decoration - Craft.Includes: How to fold an easy paper angel, additional origami angel projects Enjoying angels all year long.

The paper ideas for first wedding anniversary part of the angelapos, the basic angel choir template can be used for many different arts and crafts projects for children or adults. The angels auto toilet paper are easy to make. S body, paste it to a poster board or attach to windows. Used as gift tags, your paper should be one third the dimensions of the square you used to make your angelapos.


Angel, tutorial and Printable Template

Using these creases, bring the top three corners down towards the bottom of the paper and flatten into a square shape.Turn a paper plate into a beautiful angel.Fold the edges of the square base back to blunt the corners and make the desired head shape.Fold each side up at an angle, then back to create a vertical edge that is flush with the middle vertical crease.”