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shape of the tops of the trimmed section onto the section below. 938shares.Even if youre not a fan of snake youll have to admit this accordion paper snake

craft is just adorable! Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. To make sure that all flower sections have the same petal shape, place the trimmed section over an untrimmed one, aligning them along the edges. This homemade paper reindeer toy has a simple but cleverly folded body that makes it nice and strong and allows it to stand up and be walked along by little hands. Create a variety of paper flowers. More Ideas Use two paper squares. While keeping the squares stacked together, make a to inch wide fold on one side. If older kids will be making this craft you (or they) can join the strips with glue or duct tape to get two super long strips. We love hearing from you, leave a comment below, come and chat on Facebook or sign up to our email updates. Decorate with googly eyes and black marker for nostrils. You can make cute short snakes what does the title phd stand for or go on a mission to have one snakes go all around your living room. Just click on the photos to go to each printable craft idea. Carefully bring the two outermost folds towards each other to open up the flower. Youll see that it is now a sort of spring that you can push flat or stretch out. Arrange the stemmed flowers on a vase to make a lovely table décor. If you want to make this project with kids in kindergarten or preschool you need to make the paper strips wider they will be easier to handle that way (and less precision is needed when folding). Gently press the sections towards the center to glue their bases together. Once you have your strips separate them into two groups. Glue the fourth section on top of the third one. Naturally you can just use one or even use more. C.) Number of paper squares - use 2 paper squares for a flower with fewer petals. These fan-like pieces will make up the sections of your paper flower and the folds will be the flower petals.

If you want paper to turn this into a fun classroom craft you can also have your students each make their own segment of the body of the snake and once all the kids are done making theirs. You can make them as wide or as thin as you want younger kids will be able to handle wider strips easier. Tie a thin string or thread around the middle crease. As an optional step, i was kind of obsessed with making these paper chains as a kid for a while I was making a ton and couldnt stop. S topmost fold and along the base of the flower sections.

Home Crafts, accordion, fold, paper, flowers, accordion, fold, paper, flowers I was at a local craft store yesterday and found some adorable scrapbook papers in the clearance bin.Accordion, fOLD, paper, fISH; Share.

Glue the first and second flower sections together. Reindeer, variety can be sloth wrapping paper achieved with flower size. Paper, craft that the kids can actually play with too. Try making curved, apply glue on the inside of the folded paper accordion. Instead of the recommended 34 paper squares.

Im sure youll agree it is super adorable!We used them as party decorations, celebrations, just because and I loved making them!5 To make this paper reindeer craft s body and tail we use what I call a double accordion fold.


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We chose different shades of brown.Cut a snake shaped head and tongue from the paper and glue it onto the last fold.I recommend using two colors as the end project will look fun.Cut along the line.”