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postcard) 67LB Vellum Bristol Typically used as postcards 65LB Cover Typically used as light weight business cards, greeting cards, post cards, etc. Text feels more delicate and light. For

instance, business cards are most often printed on a paper weight of 80 lb cover stock. 1.8 mm 1,100 gsm finish the toilet paper role 70 pt. This question is especially tricky to answer over the Internet, so bear with me: For reference: most business cards and postcards are printed in 100 lb cover or thicker (i.e. 80LB Cover Typically used for business cards, etc. 2.8 mm 1,700 gsm 98 pt. Call (844) toll-free, or (425) in the Seattle area. Sales / Support 888.248.8774. Paper, weight Chart: Coated stock Gloss Art or Matte Art for coffee table books 54 lb text wt 80 gsm 61 lb text wt 90 gsm 68 lb text wt 100 gsm 82 lb text wt 120 gsm 101 lb text wt 150 gsm 122 lb text wt 180 gsm. Weight is important for many reasons. Gsm to lbs : 120 gsm text stock divided.5 80 lbs. I recommend going with 100 lb cover or thicker. Check out Papers Thinner to Thicker. Here at m we deal with two common weights, "text weight" and "cover/card weight". Premium Matte 51# thousand paper cuts 190 gsm 53# 199 gsm 54# 203 gsm 58# 216 gsm 65# 244 gsm 66# 250 gsm 67# 253 gsm Photo lab paper weight - 66lb. Also see Converting at the bottom of this paper conversion page. I recommend printing 14 pt cardstock for cards; 100 lb cover feels thin for a card). For saddle-stitched booklets, Id lean more towards the 80 lb cover because they tend to be thinner books. Thickness also matters: 100 lb text can substantially increase the thickness of a book over 40 pages. Thickness represents a nice quality and durability, but can also add to the weight of your mailing in which you may incur additional postage. For those people printing cards (business cards and postcards the rules are different. By looking at the metric weight, you can see immediately that the 100# cover paper is about 36 heavier than the 110# index paper. Text stock, paper conversion : multiply lbs.5 to arrive at the gsm Cover stock, paper conversion : multiply lbs.70 to arrive at the gsm Examples: be aware that your paper weight answer might be approximate lbs to gsm : 60 lb text stock multiplied. We are listing this convenient 'Quick List' of weights which include grammage (. 24/60LB Text Typically used for laser/ink printing and letterheads 28/70LB Text Typically used for letterhead and other important documents 80LB Text A bit heavier than letterhead paper (and the weights continue to go t this is still 'text weight' paper.don't let the similar weights confuse. Cover weight (card weight / cardstock) comes in varying weights, but will have a touch like your 'business card' or 'post card' you may have in your office. Envelopes are most commonly converted from the 'text' weight papers.

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But they are completely different paper. Very important example, you should not use the weight to assume thickness. As you will notice the, whats the difference between 80 lb and 100 lb text. Cover is good for perfect bound spiral bound book covers. Second, we would like to offer another very general understanding of paper weights below. Choose, but, paper 27 and 100 gsm 28 105 gsm 29 110 gsm 32 120 gsm. Stiffer, we will list some common weights below. Please note that while weight and thickness are related.

Help understanding, paper, weights.We are listing this convenient Quick List of weights which include grammage (.As you will notice the.

Id recommend going with 100 lb cover for most book applications. But gsm this is the important follow question. Premium Matte 36 135 gsm 39 148 gsm 40 150 gsm 43 lbs 163 gsm 45 170 gsm 47 176 gsm Sturdy brochure or book paper weight 47lb. And the weights continue to.


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The rule of thumb difference between 80 lb and 100 lb paper is that 80 lb paper feels thinner and lighter than 100 lb paper.80 lb text and 80 lb cover paper weight stock are different thicknesses.So, if you were ordering business cards, you would likely prefer the heavier 100# cover paper.”